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When the worst happens, we often leave our bodies. We are in shock, in pain, and shut down. It takes time to reconnect with ourselves and our partners. 

In this very special workshop, we will explore how we can get back to our connection to both; how we can honor our grief and our lost children while opening back up to pleasure, passion, and joy. 

This will be a small, intimate group, limited to 6 couples. A group with a shared past, it’s true, but also with a shared intention to grow and open our hearts and be the best we can be right now.


  • Learn how to give yourself permission to open back up to greater joy and passion after great loss.

  • Explore what you’re holding on to that keeps you from fostering deeper intimacy with your partner.

  • Recognize that each of us have different ways of processing grief, and find ways to support each other’s process.

  • Explore different beliefs about an afterlife which may affect your sex life.

  • Ignite, Revitalize or Re-energize your relationship and your desire through "home-play" assignments.

  • Increase satisfaction and pleasure through simple Tantric exercises. Learn how movement, breath, and sound can revitalize your relationship

4 Friday Nights
April 8, 15, 29, & May 6; 7-8:30PM EST
Classes held via Zoom. Zoom link will be sent upon registration.

$149 per couple, or $125 if you sign up before March 15th


If you would like to read Cat’s blog about getting back into her body after her son 
died, you can read it


Ignite the Sacred!

Too often, we put our sensuality, our intimacy, and our sex lives on the back burner as the demands of every day life distract us. Before we know it, we are distant and estranged from our partners, ourselves, and the Divine essence of who we are.
Igniting Sacred Sensuality workshops, & weekend and weeklong destination retreats are designed to help you recommit, reconnect, and deepen your relationship to your partner, yourself, and to the Divine Source within you.
Cat Guthrie & Kevin Spath

Cat and Kevin  have been exploring the intersection of sexuality and spirituality since 2016, and love watching their workshop participants' faces light up as they learn new paths and make new discoveries. With Kevin's  grounding presence and Cat's joyful exuberance,  they bring a yin and yang approach to teaching, and invite the couples who study with them to open to greater ease, a deeper connection, and sexual expansion. They lead their workshops with humor, joy, acceptance, and love.


A student and teacher of music, yoga, and sexuality for over twenty years, Cat Guthrie's life purpose  and passion is to help other's manifest joy in their lives. She is the creator of “Yogasm, a Playshop For Women” which teaches women to be more responsive using movement, breath, and sound.  Since the death of her son in November, 2018, she has embraced and taught Grief Yoga® classes as well. Cat loves her life's work, leading ecstatic Sacred Chanting, directing community choirs, and helping people find the joy of intimacy. 

Kevin Spath, in addition to being a therapist, has been a wilderness guide,  explorer and mountain climber. He loves to bring that sense of adventure to his clients while helping them move from a place of limitation and stuckness, to a place of limitless possibilities. He is currently in private practice in Garrison, NY. His Master's Degree in Pastoral Counseling  and 30 years of experience have given him compassion, an incredible presence, and the profound gift of listening and counseling skills.



Cat and Kevin created a warm, safe space free of judgement that brought my partner and me closer together and reignited our physical, mental and spiritual connection. Initially I was apprehensive talking about sex with others but instead what I found was a group of kind, likeminded souls led by Cat and Kevin's infectious loving energy to a world where sex can be something different than we've grown used to, something beautiful and healing.


Cori & Tom


Attending an Igniting Sacred Sensuality workshop or retreat can be the first step to opening you to a whole new world of sensual and spiritual experience.


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