Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any nudity or sexual touch in your workshops?


No, definitely not. Our intention is to create an absolutely safe container for you to explore sensitive subjects. The only nudity or sexual touch will be in the privacy of your own home when you are doing your homework on your own, alone, together. All lessons and demonstrations will be fully clothed.


Are we too old for this?


Again, no, definitely not! Couples of all ages have reported amazing discoveries and breakthroughs, whether they’ve been together 5 weeks, or 50 years. 


What can we expect in one of your workshops?


Cat and Kevin create an easy, open and fun way to learn and discover new tools, new practices, and new ways of relating in your relationship. During the 3-4 week course connected through Zoom calls, you will learn simple Tantric exercises, and other practices you are encouraged to continue to work on at home in between group sessions.  


One of the things that has surprised and delighted us the most is the way our couples bond with their fellow workshop attendees. Creating an open hearted and safe place to talk about issues that concern you is invaluable.


What if we are a non-binary couple? 


Some of our energetic explorations involve masculine and feminine polarities. If one of you can envision embodying the masculine, and one of you can envision embodying the feminine given any different exercise, we would love to have you. 

How do I talk my hesitant partner into this?


Often times, we have found it is the woman who must talk her male partner into doing one of our workshops. (We had one woman tell her husband they were “just going to a yoga class”, but we don’t suggest this! )


 Sex can be a touchy subject for many men. It brings into question their virility, societal standards, and fear of “not being enough”. The first thing you want to do is assure your partner that you care for them, and really want what is best for BOTH of you. Our workshops can be a great opportunity to explore together in a way that is relaxed, fun, non-competitive, and not performance related in any way.


Nothing is wrong with our sex life. Why should we do one of your workshops?


Consider it an invitation to explore beyond whatever your levels of pleasure and experience are currently. Ask yourself, "How good can it get?" The answer may surprise you.


Will you be into kink, bondage, D/s, or S&M? 

We respect and appreciate those orientations, but they are not part of our teachings.


I have a lot of sexual trauma. Will I feel safe in this workshop?


We understand many of us have experienced trauma in our sexual histories.

We are not a substitute for trauma therapy, but we do create a safe container for you to explore and heal at the level that feels comfortable and safe for you. As a trained therapist with years of experience, Kevin is also available if issues come up that feel overwhelming.